31 Weeks.

Time is flying by, literally.

I was thinking this morning, “I should write something on the blog, it’s been a couple weeks.” Wrong. It’s been over a month. 46 days to be exact.

Since the wedding, it seems like my life has been in fast forward. My husband, Andrew, got a promotion that is sending us to Houston and out of the North, finally! So after the news we flew down there, found a house we loved, put in an offer, and the owners accepted it. In 2 weeks, we will be in our new home where we will raise our baby girl. I have been so overwhelmed with moving that I didn’t even realize I was 31 weeks pregnant this week. Honestly. I thought I was 30 weeks (I even told my new doctors office I was 30, I’m going to have to call them back). That means that in 9ish short weeks, our family will grow by 1 tiny little human.
Where has the time gone? My entire pregnancy has flown by. The first couple of months were tough, morning sickness is real. Now add that nauseous feeling to a 15-30 minute bus ride followed by a 4-stop subway ride, and you’ve got one sick momma. Thankfully, the morning sickness went away and my pregnancy became a myth, even I didn’t believe I was pregnant some days. That is until my belly decided to pop. In my eyes, that happened around 18 weeks. To the people of New York, that happened around 25 weeks. People finally started offering me a seat on the bus/subway and I got a handful of “congratulations” from people on the streets. My shirts became tight, and for once in my life, I wanted them to be even tighter. It’s crazy how being 5 lbs overweight pre-pregnancy made me hide in loose t-shirts and dresses, but now I was searching for form fitting clothes because I wanted to show my belly off! To me, my growing belly is beautiful. Every morning, I can’t wait to see how much it has changed, how much she’s grown. I get excited every time I see a new change, “My belly button is almost an outie!” or “My boobs are huge!!” But it’s all happening too fast. It’s a daily struggle between “I need to enjoy every day of pregnancy” and “I can’t wait for her to be here!” Sadly, I can’t slow down time. But I’m going to make it a point to enjoy every day of my pregnancy and vow to take more pictures and share!

So, this Saturday is my last day in New Jersey for the foreseeable future (sorry New Jersey, I have no intentions of ever returning). I’m flying to South Carolina to spend a week with my family before the big move to Houston. Not only can I not wait to see everyone at home, but I cannot wait to be in warm/hot weather!!! In the past month or so I’ve purchased about 10 dresses that are not maternity, but fit my belly perfectly. But thanks to this terrible weather, I haven’t had the luxury to really wear them yet. Honestly, all I’ve worn this pregnancy has been leggings (thank you J. Crew, Gap, and American Apparel) and t shirts or blouses. Also, I’ve purchased some maternity jeans and shorts that I’ll share with you soon. I envy the bloggers who can dress so wonderfully during their pregnancy, but I blame the cold weather for my lack of style the past couple of months. Now that I’m leaving though, I have no excuse!

So I’ll talk to y’all in a couple of days! Be prepared to go shopping ☺️


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