Pregnancy Must Haves.

I have spent countless hours searching for the best maternity clothes. What I’ve found? Don’t waste your money unless you’re buying jeans.

Item 1: James Jeans Twiggy Maternity Leggings. I bought these about 3 months ago, and have absolutely loved them.  The under-belly expansion panels and skinny-yet-comfy stretch fit have been perfect for my growing belly. At 32 weeks, I’d say they were worth every penny.

Item 2: Joe’s Jeans Rolled Shorts. (Sold Out, Similar Shown Below) These were actually a recent purchase that I’ve worn just about every day. Just went back and bought them in white today. Finding maternity shorts that didn’t look like maternity shorts proved to be difficult. Ann Taylor LOFT offered the best I was able to find, but they sold out of everything smaller than a size 4 so I had to keep searching. While I was at Nordstrom Rack I decided to try on some regular shorts to see if they would work since I wear my shorts pretty low anyways. And low and behold, they fit perfectly! Are they a size bigger than what I wore pre-pregnancy? Yes. Do I care? No. And neither should you because they are amazing and I love them! Now hurry up and go grab a pair because they’re only $50.

Item 3: Aveda Beautifying Composition Oil. This was also acquired recently, from my moms bathroom. I had been using cocoa butter lotion for about a month but could not stand the smell of it! Any time I got a whiff, I felt sick. And I refused to spend $150 plus on all those other fancy “belly oils” that promise no stretch marks when, in fact, you can’t honestly promise that. So I mentioned it to my mom and she gave me this oil she’s had and told me to try it. What I learned? Momma’s always know best. Not only does it smell amazing, but it’s made my belly so soft without it feeling like I lathered myself in tanning oil. I apply it every day after I shower and so far, no stretch marks. Before using the oil, my belly would get itchy which I blamed on it being dry and my skin stretching. Since using this oil, I haven’t felt that at all.
So call me crazy, but these are really the only 3 things I can say I couldn’t live without during my pregnancy. Don’t spend money on maternity clothes unless you’re investing in jeans. And just go to stores and try on clothes to see if they will fit your already beautiful pregnant body. And find a good body oil that will keep your ever-stretching skin hydrated and smelling good.

Joe’s Jeans Rolled Shorts (On Sale)

Joe’s Jeans The Rolled Emmie Wash Denim Shorts (On Sale)

Joe’s Jeans The Rolled Phone Pocket Short


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