Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Here are my purchases from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!




I know what you’re thinking…how boring. Well, after giving birth to our beautiful daughter on July, 11th, I just haven’t had the urge (or time) to really shop. And these items I actually needed!

The Philosophy duo is a no brainer. If you use it, why not stock up?

The Rebecca Minkoff Satchel is currently sitting in the box still, just because I’m still on the fence about it. It’s a beautiful bag and I have NOTHING like it, but when am I not going to be carrying a diaper bag in the next year or so? Probably not all that often. Buttttt it’s sooooo pretty! And it was on super sale! Ugh…see what my dilemma is? So until I can make a decision, in the box it will stay!

The Hanky Pankys are another no brainer for me. Once I’m out of these postpartum granny-panties, I’m gonna want some new fun colors to wear (BTW, Hanky Pankys are all I wear. I can thank my mother for that!) Plus, it gave me an excuse to get rid of some older ones that were in not-so-good shape.

The Topshop shirt is something cute (and garnet…Go Cocks!) I can wear this fall with a pair of jeans or leggings. So why not?

Now…here comes the sad part. I purchased 2 pairs of jeans because I literally just had to get rid of ALL my jeans. Yes, every single pair. Why you ask? Well, pre-pregnancy, I used to squeeze myself into size 24 and 25 jeans because I refused to believe I was a size bigger. I knew one day I’d have to accept the fact that I was a size 26, but wasn’t ready. Well, post-pregnancy and I’m finally ready. Trying to squeeze this new body into size 24/25 jeans just wasn’t going to work. So…I’ll start a new collection beginning with these two pairs. I’ve never owned a pair of AG jeans before, but after reading the reviews I just had to try them. And they are WONDERFUL! If you haven’t shopped the sale yet, make this your one purchase! As for the Frame jeans, I have always loved Frame and will continue to love them, even in a size 26!

And last, but not least, I had to purchase P her first pair of designer jeans! Even though she’s a tiny 3 and half weeks old, these will remain in her closet until she can wear them and match with mommy!


So, if you haven’t shopped the sale yet, these are my picks! If you have shopped already but didn’t get these, I suggest you go back and get these items before the prices go back up!

Yall only have a couple days left so happy shopping!







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