Pool Time (post baby)

So, you just gave birth to a beautiful baby and your body will never be the same.


Who cares? You just made a real life human and carried her/him for over 9 months (whoever says pregnancy only last 9 months has obviously never been pregnant before). But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the last few weeks of summer in a bathing suit AND feel confident while doing it!


My last few weeks of pregnancy were spent on the couch or out by our pool (check out that belly…oh how I miss it!)

pregnant in bikini

That’s when I realized that none of my current bikinis were going to make me feel great after giving birth. So I started the search for the perfect post baby bikini (I’m not one for one pieces, but I’ll show you some I think would work too!)


I have always loved Marysia bathing suits, but never purchased one because I preferred the skimpier Mikoh bikinis for tan line purposes. Yes…that’s really what I used to worry about before having a child, HA!


Anyways, I knew I wanted a high waist bottom to cover my not so flat stomach, and something strapless up top. That happens to be called the Santa Monica bikini by Marysia. And I must say, I hit the jackpot with this one! The fabric is thick enough to hold everything in place but not feel like you’re wearing a diaper, and the scallop detailing gives it a flattering fit.





I’m obsessed. And I feel confident! Which is what we all strive to feel in a bathing suit, right?


I hope all my mommas out there feel as beautiful as they truly are, both pre baby and post baby! If you’re looking for a bathing suit like I was, try one out that I’ve linked below! And let me know what you think.



Pictured Bikini:

Marysia Santa Monica Bikini (only grey and yellow)

Marysia Santa Monica Bikini Bottom (black)

Marysia Santa Monica Top (black)


Less Expensive Alternative:

ASOS Mix and Match High Waist Bikini Bottom

ASOS Boohoo Strappy Bandeau Bikini Top

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