Team Sometimes Sleep.

So Monday night, P slept from 11-5:30 and we all got super excited that it meant she would start sleeping through the night. 

Well Tuesday, I pushed her later feeding back hoping she’d sleep later, but that didn’t work. She slept from 12-5. Not what I wanted to happen.

Wednesday, we fed her at her usual time of 10, and the girl slept til 4:30. Another 6 1/2 stretch like Monday. Yay!! There was hope again!!
Until last night.
We fed her around midnight, and the girl was up at 4. And then up again at 7:30. And yes, I tried putting her back to sleep at 4 but she was not having it.

So it seems we have a “I’ll sleep and eat when I want” kind of gal, and I can’t say I blame her.

Consequently, crib sleeping will be taken off the table til we figure out this sleep schedule thing.
In the mean time, I’m gonna buy myself a new watch that I’ve been obsessing over so I can keep up with P’s schedule. You should do the same and go buy yourself a new watch from Barbas and Zacari

They’re an Aus based company that gives back to the community by donating $5 from every sale to Cancer Research! So do yourself a favor and order one. Get 15% off today and free shipping with the code “BRITTANYVARN”.

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