Flying Solo.

Today, our amazing Mimi flew back home with Papi after being with us for all of Payton’s life (and long before).
It’s safe to say, we have mixed emotions about this. On one hand, I knew she couldn’t live with us forever and that one day I’d need to figure out how to keep Payton alive during the days by myself. I knew I wanted to have our daily routine and that I’d have to learn how to do it alone. On the other hand, she’s been such a big help that I can’t imagine doing this without her. My husband is beyond amazing when it comes to helping with Payton, but he works all day so having my moms help everyday was immeasurable. She would take care of Payton every morning for a couple of hours so that I could sleep. She cleaned, did laundry, did dishes, and helped me stay organized. Honestly, I don’t think I can do it all without her. Like I said, my husband is a huge help, but it’s still a lot to do with an 8 week old! (Shout out to all the moms with twins or more, y’all are the true heroes! Kuddos to you!)
Anyways, now I’m just complaining. Point is, I will now truly be a stay at home mom, and life is about to change. Our Mimi (or should I say live-at-home nanny) is officially back home and we miss her terribly already. When you read this, I love you mom!! 


3 thoughts on “Flying Solo.

  1. Sweetheart there is nothing I would have rather been doing than helping you and Andrew these past few weeks. And thank you both for being such gracious hosts!! I will miss you all every single day until I visit again!

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