Currently Obsessing.

So since I rarely have time to get dressed these days, and when I do, there’s no time to take a picture, I figured I’d share my current fall must haves without the typical “me wearing them” pictures. Some of these items I’ve already purchased, while others sit patiently on my wish list. And I’ll tell you why I love all of them!

First of all, I am obsessed with everything Levi’s. I don’t know if I’m late to the game or if this is still a hidden gem that no one knows about, but they have the absolute best jeans I’ve ever worn. From their cutoff shorts to their mile-high skinny jeans, I love them all. To the point that I have gotten rid of all my other jeans (sorry Frame, but your jeans stretch out way too much and if I size down, I look like an actual muffin). Why do I love them so much? Because they are actually DENIM! Actual tough, strong, sturdy denim. Not this flimsy spandex material companies are getting away with calling denim. Because let’s be honest, unless you have fat-less legs, those “legging skinny jeans” don’t look great on you. They show off every bump and curve and dimple that I’m trying to hide. And sure, I wear a 25, I’m not a big girl, but they still don’t look good on my stumpy legs. Thankfully, my Levi’s are thick and strong enough to hold everything in place, and they don’t stretch out 30 minutes later! Rant done. Go try them for yourself!

As for the shoes. I used to have the Vince Berlin slip-ons and after walking hundreds of miles in them (sockless, I know, gross) they had to be thrown away. So now I’m waiting to buy a replacement pair and thankfully Nordstrom Rack has them on sale!

The Joie booties are everything I’ve been wanting. I love this color but decided to get them in black since I don’t have any casual black booties. These are great because they’re comfy but have a flattering dip down in the front. Sure they’re pricey but I usually get my money’s worth when it comes to shoes, you just have to take care of them!

The Rebecca Minkoff Regan Satchel has been patiently sitting in my closet since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I can’t wait to use it! Hopefully it’ll double as a diaper bag…

This Mango sweater is great and affordable. I usually end up getting a couple of sweaters from Mango. If it ever decides to cool down in Texas….same for the Halogen hat from Nordstrom. It’ll be the perfect accessory to any outfit this fall and for only $68, super affordable.

And last but not least, the Celiné sunglasses are finally mine! Last week Solstice happened to be having a 25% off sale and I was given a coupon with an extra 20% off, so these were a steal! I love that they’re half black and half toirtoise because I can never decide which color to buy. So if you have a Solstice at your mall, hurry up and go! This sale isn’t lasting much longer!

Now, if only I could go somewhere outside of this house and wear all my new stuff! And I need the temps to get just a little cooler. But I’m not complaining, I’ll keep wearing shorts as long as the weather will let me!



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