Santa Baby…

Christmas is officially 6 days away. 

And yes, I’m just now sharing mine and Payton’s Christmas List…better late then never, right?

Anywho, today I’ll be sharing Payton’s. Because obviously a 5 month old asks for a whole lot for Christmas. Kidding. This is basically my wish list for her…she’ll thank me later.

Being that she can’t dress herself, I have the luxury of picking out her outfits for her. And I love it! Have you seen how adorable baby clothes are for girls? And not that frilly pink ruffle stuff. I’m talking about the mini-me clothes you can buy them. Here are my top picks for her this year.

1. Kenzo Baby Sweatshirt

2. Primary Black Baby Legging

3. Adidas Stan Smith

4. ASOS Baby Girls Contrast Velvet Dress

5. H&M Baby Girl Dress and Puff Pants

6. Freshly Picked Metallic Moccasins

I’m obsessed with all the baby clothes from Zara and you can find some really cute things from H&M. All extremely reasonably priced for babies. The shoes may be considered a splurge, but just send the link to Grandma and tell her that’s what your baby wants 😂

Here are all your typical 5-6 month old toys. We wrapped up some teethers, some alphabet building blocks I bought from Gilt months ago, and some other really exciting things from the family (I’m being sarcastic of course). I just have so much fun dressing her up that the toys don’t excite me as much! We also bought her an exersaucer but instead of wrapping it I opened it up and put it together because I wanted to see how she would like it. Let’s just say she doesn’t quite get it yet and ended up chewing on the sides, so we’ll just wait til Christmas to let her use it again. Therefore, it’s a Christmas present!
To many, this post may seem absurd because honestly, what does a 5 month old even need? But to me, this is the most special Christmas I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to open all of her presents for her. She might not understand what’s going on but I do and her first Christmas will be a day I’ll never forget.
Tomorrow I’ll be sharing MY Christmas list! We’ll go ahead and call it a “Wish List” and you’ll see why.
Thank y’all for reading.

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