Currently Craving: Topshop

So for the past couple of years I’ve been trying to love Topshop. I mean who can beat these prices? I would often find myself walking around the store in NYC with more clothes in the arms than I could bear to hold, only to end up walking out with nothing because nothing fit me right.
So earlier this year I attempted to order some jeans online from Nordstrom after giving birth to my daughter, and ended up returning them all because they were so tight I couldn’t pull them up all the way. Which was annoying because I had ordered the size in parenthesis like Nordstrom told me to do and I REFUSED to order the next size up. Because, you know, I’m vain like that and would rather wear brands that the size 2/4 actually fit ๐Ÿ™„ Anywho, I’m really glad I got over that and decided to order the bigger sizes because I LOVE TOPSHOP NOW!!!
Like I love them. I’m obsessed. And now I could care less what size I have to order which, in case you were wondering, is either the U.K. 8 or U.K. 10. Nordstrom says these sizes are a U.S. 6-8 or 10-12….but whatever. I like how they fit. So do yourself a favor and order all of these in whatever size you think you’d be with that being said, but try a couple sizes bigger and tell me I’m wrong. Their sizing is so off (this goes for H&M too). As for my following favorites, I only own the skirt right now, but will hopefully be able to get the rest before they sell out! 
The sandals are only $35! So the fact that I’ll probably destroy them this summer is ok. That necklace will probably be on repeat with my bookoo amount of white tees. That bag? Well I can’t afford a Mansur Gavriel backpack so this will be my pretend one. Everything is is solely because I want/need them in my life.
Hope y’all jump on the Topshop train with me if you haven’t already!

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