You’re Not A Blogger If…

So apparently I’m the type of blogger who posts once a month…oh well. But you’re also not a blogger if you don’t post your “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Purchases,” right?
Well in my attempt to be a blogger, I figured I’d post my picks. But since I don’t live in fantasy land with bookoo money to spend on clothes, most of these are wish list items. I did purchase most of them but in all honesty 75% will be returned and only my absolute favorites will be kept.
My hopes are to post about the items I considered to be a great deal, but I won’t make any promises. Basically what I was looking for this time around was a couple pairs of jeans, both blue and black, a pair of OTK boots and a pair of suede ankle boots, a pair of mules (not shown are the Kristin Cavallari mules which are on sale and come in multiple colors), and a good bag or backpack. Not shown is this awesome Topshop cardigan that I already received and love. It’s oversized and has tan/black/white big stripes. Also not shown are the Hanky Pankys I bought, but this is just a good time to stock up on them since they’re about 25% off.

Everything listed is a really great deal, so if you’re looking for some of the same deals, check them out! Hopefully you’ll hear back from me in a week or so about what I kept!












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