One In A Melon.

So Payton turned 1 a little over a week ago on Tuesday, July 11, 2017.


WTF. How did this happen so quickly??


(Sidenote: Yay for me for posting twice in one week! I’m working on it…)


Anyways, back to the princess of the house. We woke up Tuesday at 8:00ish super excited to celebrate her day. She had slept in and I knew it was going to be a great day. WRONG. The second I walked into her room, the smell of vomit overwhelmed my nostrils. Poor baby had thrown up all over her crib. So we put her in the sink, gave her a bath, gave her a bottle of milk, and decided that maybe she had just eaten too much catfish the night before because she seemed to be feeling fine. So I dressed her in her Birthday outfit and we headed out the door to her favorite French Bakery to let her enjoy a croissant all by herself. So she takes one bite, gags a little, and then projectile vomits across the table…it was a mess. So I take her to the bathroom and quickly clean her up while my mom handles the mess at the table. Sadly for the lady sitting next to us, her handbag wasn’t as lucky as the rest of our stuff. Thankfully she was a mom herself and understood that things like this happen. So in the car I decided to change her one year check-up at the doctor’s office into a sick visit. He saw her right away and thankfully, nothing seemed wrong. We blamed the combo of icing, catfish, milk, baby food, and teething, and went about our day. We rested at home until her Birthday dinner that night, and things went well. She was a little fussy, but I can’t blame her. Hibachi might’ve not been the best idea. So happy she won’t actually remember this day…


This coming Saturday we’re throwing her “One in a Melon” party and I’m praying everyone is happy and healthy! Also, please don’t rain on us. Our entire family will be joining us and we couldn’t be more excited to see everyone. She’s also getting baptized on Sunday, so it’ll be a weekend to remember. Can’t wait to post pictures after! I’ll let you know if a handmade piñata was worth the effort, or if you should just buy one. I’m leaning towards buying one for all future celebrations…IMG_3071

Talk soon peeps,IMG_3071



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