What’s the point?

You know what’s been annoying me lately? A lot of things. I’m easily annoyed. But what I can’t stand anymore are all these famous bloggers. It seems like all the bloggers I’ve loved for years have grown too big for their own panties and are now like everyone else. Why you ask? Because they’re fake. Their posts are fake. Their lives are fake-ish. And their sense of reality is so fake, I can no longer relate.

Isn’t the point of fashion blogging to share your sense of fashion with the world? Not advertise for all the big companies that send you their items for free. For example, I’ve been researching skincare and makeup for the past couple of weeks trying to find a new routine for myself. I rarely washed my face outside of the shower and was still using the same makeup my mom bought me in high school (shout out to Bobbi Brown). Anyways, I couldn’t find shit. Every blog I visited had a ton of posts about their skincare and makeup routines, but they were all sponsored by the brand. Like yeah sure, I’m sure you use ALL Lancôme for your makeup 🙄 and this new hip brand for your skincare….like no, what do you really use and what works and what doesn’t!?!?

Even scrolling through their instagrams are pointless now. Everything is an *affiliated post* and they’re all walking around with their Chanel bags and Gucci loafers like it’s normal. No, most of us following you cannot afford to have a wardrobe like that. Show me the real stuff you’d buy if you weren’t getting everything for free. Show me the awesome splurge pieces you can’t live without but then tell me about all the sale items I really need to get because they’re wonderful and you actually love them and want to wear them. And please, don’t tell me you wear heels every day walking around with your 2 year old and 8 week old, I’m calling bullshit.

I’ve decided I want to be the complete opposite of all of these bloggers I used to once envy. I want to order, try on, keep and return as many things as I can until I find the perfect items at the perfect price. I will research and hunt the internet until I find exactly what I want, and what I think a lot of other people would want too.

So, I’m starting with skincare and makeup which I’ll be posting tomorrow. And from now on I’ll be posting about real things that I have bought or plan to buy, and where you can find them at the best price. Whether that’s clothes, baby gear, or decor for the home, I’ll be sharing it here!

Thanks for reading!



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