Dada’s Christmas List.

This year has by far been one of the hardest years to shop for my husband Andrew. He’s one of those men that says “I don’t want anything” or “I don’t need anything” and then will literally not give me a single thing to get him. So in past years I’ve gotten him socks, underwear, button downs…you know, the usual. My way of getting rid of things of his I don’t like is by replacing them 😁

Well this year, I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to replace, so I had to get creative and buy him things I want him to have. Here’s my list:

Sharper Image- Shiatsu Heated Massage Pillow (originally $84.99, on sale for $37.99 on Macy’s)

This is my way of saying “I care that your back hurts, but we’re never getting a massage chair for the living room.”


Maison Margiela– Bottle-Opener Logo Keyring ($180 on Farfetch)

Because his University or South Carolina lanyard is no longer appropriate for someone in his position…and because it’s super dirty.

Patagonia- Men’s Reversible Bivy Down Vest (originally $189, select colors on sale for $94 on Patagonia)

For the few days it’s “cold” in Houston and he doesn’t want to wear his black jacket. More like, I don’t want him to wear it and I want him to look more fashionable. 😁

Rugged & Dapper- Age & Damage Defense Facial Moisturizer ($24.95 on Amazon)

I’ve recently jumped on the skincare train and am so focused on what I can do to improve my skin as well as keep any more damage from happening. And since I love him more than I love myself, why not start taking care of his skin?

Beats- Beats X Wireless In-Ear Headphones

(originally $150, on sale for $99 on Amazon)

My dad recently bought these and loves them, and since my husband listens to music ALL the time, I thought he’d love them too.

Sperry Top Sider– Top-Sider Men’s Striper Cvo Salt-Washed Twill ($59.95 on Bluefly)

My husband has these in a dark blue and they are WORN OUT. I’ve been looking for them in other colors and am so happy I found them at such an affordable price!

Nautica-Voyage (originally $58, on sale for $21.22 on Walmart)

I went and smelled a lot of colognes, and surprisingly this is the one I loved the most. He’s never worn cologne so I didn’t want something fancy in case he hates it. I also wanted something light so that my pregnant self doesn’t want to pass out every time I’m near him!

Go the F to Sleep- by Adam Mansbach ($14.38 on Amazon)

I couldn’t help myself…he’s in charge of Payton’s bedtime routine, so I thought it’d be a hilarious book for him to read. Especially since she’s decided she no longer want to sleep through the night 😡.

Hope I could help some of y’all with gifts for your hubbies or that special man in your life! If not, I hope my train of thought for some can give you ideas! Can’t wait to see what he thinks!

Thanks for reading!



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