Weekly Wants: Home Edition

Is it just me or does it seem like you are NEVER done decorating or reorganizing your house? We’ve lived in our house for a year and a half and we currently have 3 rooms undergoing renovations. Actually, every room is going through some redecoration and reorganizing, so basically every room except the living room. Nothing major, but they’re also all about halfway complete. We have the dining room, which is waiting for a new credenza, as well as a new chandelier. The entryway has a piece of art that needs to be hung. The playroom, which just recently became a playroom, needs to be decorated and rearranged. And then we have the “girl’s room” which will be Payton and baby girl’s shared room. All the furniture is in there but again the decorations are missing, so we need some art and whatnot to finish. We also have a gallery wall that needs to be hung in our master bedroom, and I really really want to repaint our bathroom. But that’s bottom of the list of things to do before the baby arrives, so we’ll see!

Anyways, this week my “weekly wants” consists of all things for the home. We can start with the beautiful beach print I found on Saks Off 5th. I’m definitely wanting something like this for the girl’s room, but need it to be bigger than this so I’m going to keep searching. All of the Parvez Taj pieces are beautiful and tranquil, so I’ll probably stick with one of his prints. Next item for the girl’s room is a new chandelier. I found an Etsy shop called Illuminate Vintage and I am OBSESSED with everything on there. The owner, Kyle Bostic, makes custom modern interior lighting and he makes it right here in Houston, so I plan to make a trip to his store. I want something a little more simple and flushed for the girl’s room, but love his bigger chandeliers for our dining room and possibly living room! Might as well just replace all the light fixtures in the house, right? Right…I’m working on convincing my husband that it’s a great idea.

The playroom is dying for some color and decor, and Shopbop has the cutest things! I found this adorable balloon giraffe money bank and can’t decide between this one or the balloon dog in hot pink. I also love the SunnyLife Toddler Stacking Toy Ice Cream because it’s cute and not the usual stacking rings you see. Which for some reason, we keep losing our green ring which belongs right in the middle…so annoying. IKEA also has some of the cutest little toys that can double as decoration!

Next I shared some throw pillows I found on sale on Nordstrom and hope they’ll look good on our green velvet couch. I have been searching for pillows for this couch since we got it like 6 months ago and have not had ANY luck. I feel like its crazy to do white pillows with a one year old and another on the way, but I can’t find any other color that looks good. Any suggestions? PLEASE HELP!

Last but not least is this beautiful credenza I will never be able to afford. But it’s my inspiration for what I hope to find. If anyone happens to find a dupe, please let me know. But I definitely want something bright and colorful for that room! I also loved this one from West Elm but again, so expensive. So I’ll keep searching and hopefully will find someone way more affordable that I can share with y’all! Can’t wait to share pictures of the finished rooms!

Thanks for reading!



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