1 Month with 2.

Today our sweet little munchkin turns 1 month. That means we’ve officially had 2 under 2 for one whole month. And boy has it flown by!

(Aren’t they the cutest? P literally has no idea what to do with her)

Let’s start with Camden. She’s perfect. She was born at 7:41A.M. on February 3rd, weighing in at 6lbs 11oz.

We’ve been successfully breastfeeding, even though it’s still not great. She’s had a cold this past week, so it’s been a challenge. But, we’ve made it! She loves sleeping in her Dock-A-Tot but doesn’t mind a good snuggle during the day, and she sleeps pretty well at night! I’m so lucky to have so much help with Payton because it’s allowed my main focus to be Camden for the last month, and that has been everything. Props to all the moms who do this without help!

Now to Payton. She’s also perfect. She loves her new little sister and gives her hugs and kisses all day…when she remembers that she exists!

For the most part, she hasn’t noticed anything different. Her Mimi has been giving her all the love, attention and care she needs, and she gets snuggles with mom every now and then. Her favorite part of the day is when dad comes home and they play in her play room, which still belongs solely to her, so she’s in heaven. I’ll have to give an update once Camden starts sharing her toys. 😬😬

Basically what I’m saying is, life with 2 has been hard. But not nearly as hard as it would be if I didn’t have full time help (aka: my mom). Newborns are hard, they need your attention 24/7. And toddlers are hard, they need your attention during every waking hour. So here’s to making it one whole month! If you’re going through this or have gone through it, good luck and congrats! You’re an amazing parent and you’re doing a great job!




3 thoughts on “1 Month with 2.

  1. Congratulations! Your children are BEAUTIFUL. I can’t imagine 2 under 2 (though I secretly want it because I always wanted my kids close in age). Props to you! The first month of the newborn phase was the hardest for me, but maybe after the first you know what to expect? Love this post, so sweet! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you! I would say I kind of knew what to expect this first month, but of course she has brought on completely different challenges so it’s still a learning process every day! And I am so happy to have them so close in age, so if you want it, do it! It really is the moms decision in the end, right? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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