Baby #2 Must Haves.

So a lot of people have asked me what I haven’t been able to live without for Camden and so I figured I’d share! Now I know all babies are different and what works for Camden might not work for everyone, but these are the items that make MY life easier.

At the top of my list is the DockATot. It took a lot of convincing for my husband to agree to let me spend that much money on a baby item, but after I read him some of the reviews he was as sold as I was. And believe me, it has been worth every penny. She sleeps in it all day and night, and I believe she wouldn’t sleep as well if she wasn’t all cuddled up in it. We place it in her bassinet at night and in her pack and play during the day. But I can go anywhere! I’ve put it in my bathroom while I shower, or on the couch for her sister to play with her and it’s so nice knowing she’s safe in there! Already planning to buy the bigger size because I think it will help her transition to the crib when we’re ready!

The next item we bought that has been great is the Halo Bassinest. We started off with the premier version but all the fancy buttons didn’t really help us, so we exchanged it for the basic one and it does everything we need. I love that the DockATot fits in it and that I can have it right next to my bed. It swivels 360 degrees so it’s easy to move around when I need to get in or out of bed or open the drawers to my bedside table. It also has a retractable side so it makes getting her in and out so much easier. For reference, we used our Uppababy Bassinet for Payton and while it was nice and comfy, she never slept in it. She ended up in our bed because she liked feeling us next to her, which I believe the DockATot provides Camden!

Next item is the 4Moms Breeze Playard. Even though we had this for Payton we never used it. We keep it in the living room and it keeps Camden nice and safe (from her sister sharing toys with her) and allows me to be close to her without having to hold her constantly!

I’ve also loved the Boppy this time around! Mostly because I was able to breastfeed Camden for the first 5 weeks and this was perfect for us. Now that I’m not breastfeeding it’s easier to use a pillow. But I also wanted to share the cute cover I got for it from Etsy! The shop name is SuiteBaby and she makes some of the cutest things for all your baby items!

The last couple of items are personal preference. The Petit Bateau Long Sleeve Kimono Bodysuits are the best! We had a couple with P but I decided to buy more for Camden so we wouldn’t run out. I prefer the kimono style because you don’t have to pull anything over their heads which scares me in their first few weeks. I wish I had bought more long sleeves for Camden since she was born when it was cold, but we survived!

The last 2 items are for me and they were great for breastfeeding. The comfiest nursing bra I could find was the Gilligan and O’Malley Sleep Bralette. So comfy! Definitely order online though because the stores are constantly sold out of them for reference I wore a medium! Also, the best pajamas in my opinion were these sets from J. Crew! I would keep the top unbuttoned at night for easy feeding and then button it during the day so I could be comfy but still able to nurse easily! They don’t have to be J Crew but I got these for $39 on the J Crew Factory site when they were having a sale!

Anyways, there are a lot of things that I’m sure I couldn’t live without, but these are the necessities for me right now. They are ever changing as babies get older so I’m sure I’ll have an updated list in a couple of weeks.

Hope this can help a mom-of-2-to-be! Thank y’all for reading!



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